4 April 2014

Northbrook College students lend a hand to World-Record challenge

We're delighted to have signed up a couple of final year Motorsport Engineering students to help with EV1000. Under the guidance of their Course Leader, Dave Tucker, they will be helping with the aerodynamics.

Using the CAD models that Rob Moon has generated they'll be analysing the airflow around the front wheel, over the rider, and under the bike (ensuring a smooth exit around the rear wheel), and checking the design shows no tendency to lift at high speed!

They'll start with a CFD analysis in SoildWorks and progress to scale models in the wind tunnel. Rob is currently transferring files over to them in readiness for the work to start.

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers at EV1000.co.uk

Bike #1 at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

We were really excited to get an invite to take the original bike to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu for their summer 2014 special exhibition. The show is called "For Britain and for The Hell of it" - the immortal words uttered by Richard Noble OBE when asked why he had set out to break the Land Speed Record.

Along with the museum's collection of world famous cars they have assembled some weird and wonderful record breaking machines that the UK has produced - and that includes our original bike…

I delivered the bike on 24th March and left it in the company of the 350hp Sunbeam (which makes the bike look tiny; see image below) as the area was still being prepared. I was then given a tour of the museum and shown how the exhibition would be laid out.

A few days later we received an invite to the official opening. This was an opportunity to see the exhibition before it was open to the public. We had a lovely time with free admission, a chance to preview the exhibition and tour the rest of the museum, followed by a two course lunch.

The bike looks fantastic on display alongside the Electric Bluebird. See below for more images from the Official Launch

 Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers at EV1000.co.uk

Goodridge ensures World-Record motorcycle will stop safely

The team behind the EV1000 motorcycle are focused on propelling their electric bike to over 200mph in just a few seconds to capture a world record.  But this world-beating showcase for UK technology needs to slow to a halt safely at the other end of the drag-strip.

Every part of the bike needs to function at its optimum performance when you’re aiming to be the best in the world so only the highest-quality equipment is used on this amazing high-tech monster of a motorcycle.  That’s why the tEV1000eam are pleased to announce that Goodridge will be providing all fluid-transfer hoses for the bike to ensure that the brakes are up to the job when they’re needed.

Phil Edwards, Managing Director of Sussex-based Weald Technology Ltd, and the man leading this 1,000hp motorcycle project told us “Although the main focus is about going as quick as we can, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that we’ve got to stop at the other end – at least that’s what our chassis designer and rider Rob Moon keeps telling me!"

He added “To do the job, and keep Rob happy, we insist on only using the best components in the business, whatever job they need to do, and Goodridge brake hoses have proven to be world-class across all motorsport applications”. For more information on Goodridge see http://www.goodridge.net/

The team are due to start construction of the bike shortly, with a view to running it at slow speed late in 2014 before challenging for the title of “world’s quickest electric motorcycle” in 2015.

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers at EV1000.co.uk