10 June 2015

Fast Charge is supporting Canine Partners

We are delighted to announce that the Fast Charge project has chosen Canine Partners as a nominated charity that we'll be supporting.

Canine Partners is a registered charity that assists people with disabilities to enjoy a greater independence and quality of life through the provision of specially trained dogs. During 2015 they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and have provided more than 530 trained dogs to help disabled people.

More than 1.2 million people in the UK use a wheelchair, and a significant number of those would benefit from a canine partner.  The dogs are trained to help with everyday tasks such as opening and shutting doors, unloading the washing machine, picking up dropped items, pressing buttons and switches and getting help in an emergency.

The Charity aims to train dogs to meet the needs of people with even the most complex disabilities including members of HM Armed Forces and is working closely with the Forces charity Help for Heroes who have funded several partnerships of injured ex-servicemen and women with canine partners.

Canine Partners receives no government funding and relies solely on public donations.  For further information visit www.caninepartners.org.uk  or phone 08456 580480.

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9 June 2015

Airback friction reduction signs up to support Fast Charge

Reducing rolling resistance and weight is critical if we’re going to get close to record-breaking performance and so I'm pleased to have struck a deal to use the AirBack patented friction reduction technology on the bike.

I was introduced to Trevor Mennie from AirBack via a mutual contact at UKTI.

Having looked at the system I could see it would dramatically reduce drag from the brake pads and therefore allow more of the stored energy drive the bike forward.

Trevor Mennie from AirBack told us ”The ‘Fast Charge’ project will harness more of the energy available on the bike, and that’s good for performance, however, the average motorist will want to drive normally but use far less energy, resulting in lower emissions and costs. This technology improves fuel consumption, reduces brake wear and maintenance costs, and the environment benefits from a considerable reduction in brake dust pollution.”

The patented AirBack® technology recently had its world-wide launch at the EuroBrake 2015 exhibition and conference in Dresden where it received a lot of interest from the brake industry and car manufacturers.

I’m looking forward to showing more of this system in action as the project progresses.

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers at FastCharge.org