10 April 2016

2Spec Design have solved our Gearbox conundrum

I'm delighted to welcome Chris Hughes from 2Spec Design to our growing band of sponsors. Chris is a highly experienced transmission designer and answered my plea for help to design a transmission that would handle the awesome torque and power of the Fast Charge bike.

Chris has been working on the design of the gearbox, alongside GEMMC on the motor development and Rob on the chassis design. We've had a number of iterations of the design - mainly because the constraints on assembly and overall packaging in the chassis are so tight. I'm delighted to say that we are pretty close to resolving it now.

For the technical-minded it's basically a single speed reduction gearbox, using two sets of 31:59 gears to give an overall ratio of 3.81:1. This reduces the motor's peak speed from 22,000 rpm down to 5,750 rpm, after which a standard motorcycle chain/sprockets set gives us 2.5:1 reduction to the rear-wheel rpm of 2,300.

Gearbox assembly. Image (C) Copyright 2spec design Ltd 2016. All Rights Reserved

Gearbox assembly. Image (C) Copyright 2spec design Ltd 2016. All Rights Reserved

Gearbox internal assembly. Image (C) Copyright 2spec design Ltd 2016. All Rights Reserved

As with everything else on the bike, we can't afford to over-engineer "just in case" as we need to keep weight and inertia as low as we can possibly. This gearbox has been designed for a life of about 15 hours - plenty when it's only working hard for a few seconds at a time, but somewhat different to Chris's more usual demands of 250,000+ miles for an automotive transmission!

We've just got to get it made now - and with no budget earmarked for it (it was a late addition to the specification) we're struggling... Can you help? Please get in touch with Phil Edwards on 01825 761890 if you can; I'd love to hear from you.


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